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Hello World, I'm Sara.

faceI discovered my passion for music after finding an old guitar in my grandpa’s attic as a child, and have been a musician after since. I got started in programming by reading online tutortials so that I could create a website for my first band, and from there I became a self taught programmer. Now I'm a senior in the BXA program at Carnegie Mellon University studying in computer science and music technology, pursuing work at the intersection of these two fields that I've loved since I was young.

As a performer, I strives to create meaningful connections with my audiences, and to explore innovative new ways that technology can be used to enhance musical performances and art installations. As a computer scientist, I am passionate about utilizing the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to develop new tools for artists, and to expand the creative possibilities of music and art in the modern world.

As an advocate for the intersection of arts and technology at Carnegie Mellon, I am actively involved in several interdisciplinary projects across campus. Lately, I have been leading a robotic orchestra project that plays algorithmically generated music, composing for and performing in an experimental music ensemble, and developing a HoloLens application to simulate dynamic reverb in augmented reality environments. As a supporter of new music, I have performed works of various local Pittsburgh composers, and also play as a soloist and an ensemble member in the Carnegie Mellon University Guitar Ensemble. I’m always looking for new projects to work on, so if you are interested in collaborating, please feel free to contact me!