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As a performer, I strive to create meaningful connections with my audiences, and to explore innovative new ways that technology can be used to enhance musical performances. I currently study classical guitar under Professor Jim Ferla at Carnegie Mellon University, where I perform both as a soloist and an ensemble member with the Carnegie Mellon Guitar Ensemble. As a supporter of new music, I have performed and premiered new works by local composers in the Pittsburgh area. I am always open to freelance performance requests in the Pittsburgh, and I have over 7 years of experience performing both chamber and solo work on classical guitar in concerts, recitals, weddings and other small events. To inquire about a freelance performance for your next event, please feel free to contact me. In addition to the music on my repertoire list, I am also happy to take requests! Below is a playlist of me playing some of my favorite pieces from my repertoire.

Audio Engineering

I have participated in and led many recording sessions in the Vladmir Recording Studio at Carnegie Mellon University as an audio engineer. I have recorded local Pittsburgh artists from a variety of genres including rock, classical, rap, jazz, a cappella and folk using Pro Tools software. In addition to recording artists, I also handle sound editing and mastering of tracks that go through the studio. Below are several samples of my editing and mastering work. All tracks were recorded in the Vladmir Recording Studio and edited using Pro Tools software.

Sound Design

Combining my interests in programming and composition, I have been exploring the creative possibilities of using generative algorithms to compose music. I have worked with software such as Max MSP, PureData, Logic and Ableton Live in order to create music that is a mixture of traditional composition and algorithm design.

Color Bursts: This generative composition created with Julian Koreniowsky played in the Butteryfly Garden at the Phipps Botanical Garden and Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA from May to August 2017. It was designed as part of a 12 piece sound installation titled "Metamorphosis", created through algorithms that produce continuously changing sound experiences. This piece, meant to highlight the vibrant flowers in the garden, includes lively percussive elements mixed with rich harmonic textures inspired by and complimentary to the colorful scenery.

Lore: Lore is a fantasy RPG game that is currently in development. The premise of the story revolves around 2 races: the slaves and the titans. The slaves look up to the titans as god-like figures, and rely on them for their magic, though they were forced into slavery by the titans thousands of years ago. In the game, you play as a slave anthropologist collecting various artifacts to learn more about your history, which eventually results in an uprising among your people. This track, composed by Kai Ono and orchestrated by myself in Logic, is intended to create a lowkey, melancholy mood for the background of the game.

Music Box: This composition, created from a single source file of a music box playing Beethoven's Fur Elise, makes use of granular synthesis to obscure one of classical music's most well known pieces. It was created using Nyquist and Audacity.

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